Combined Treatment

The eMatrix combined treatment with other devices such as laser and other cosmetic devices like hydrafacial, cold laser, near-infrared light and other types of radiofrequency are skin rejuvenation protocols offered at Universal Laser Center.

eMatrix Combined Treatment

The eMatrix combined treatment is a skin resurfacing technique incorporating the eMatrix sublative rejuvenation system alongside other aesthetic procedures. This treatment approach leverages the eMatrix technology’s unique properties to enhance the combined therapies’ overall outcome. 

Combining eMatrix with other aesthetic procedures can yield more effective results, especially for treating static and fold wrinkles. eMatrix treatments can be combined with other cosmetic procedures. When combined with the appropriate complementary treatment, like laser, hydrafacial, or other aesthetic procedures such as injectables and IV therapy, among others, eMatrix can be more effective.

Ematrix In Miami
eMatrix in Miami

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eMatrix is ​​a medical and aesthetic procedure that can revitalize skin tissues regardless of skin type. It is preferably used in people with mild and moderate signs of aging and can be combined with other procedures to reinforce its action and effectively enhance the skin.

eMatrix combined treatment with Sublime at eMatrix in Miami

eMatrix Combined with

Sublime is a Radiofrequency Bipolar

Sublime utilizes a wider, more diffuse application of the elōs (electro-optical synergy) technology, which combines infrared and radiofrequency energies

The Sublime component can reinforce and enhance the results of eMatrix treatment by providing a complementary mechanism of action, improving overall skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, offering versatility and customization, and enhancing patient tolerability and downtime.

By using Sublime in addition to eMatrix, the skin tightening and wrinkle reduction effects can be enhanced and optimized. Sublime can significantly diminish the appearance of wrinkles in several areas of the face and lead to smooth skin, better facial contours, and improved skin quality overall.

eMatrix combined
near Infrared Light

eMatrix combined treatment with near infrared light at matron in Miami

Combining infrared light therapy with eMatrix treatments is a strategic approach to enhance healing and improve the overall effectiveness of the skin rejuvenation process.


Ematrix in Miami , Rejuvenation Center of Miami

Combining eMatrix and HydraFacial into a skincare regimen protocol can be very effective, especially in providing elements that aid healing and maximize benefits.

Skin Care

Ematrix in Miami , Rejuvenation Center of Miami

Post-treatment care after eMatrix focuses mainly on protection, hydration and skin care, so follow-up by our facialist is included in our eMatrix combined  protocol.

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eMatrix Combined
with Laser Facial

At Universal Laser Center, we have an eMatrix combined laser protocol for different skin types. The use of laser light with radiofrequency bipolar fractional produces great results in skin rejuvenation treatment.

The use of laser reinforces the effect of the sublative treatment produced with the eMatrix device. When combined with laser treatments, this can result in even firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.

Our eMatrix Laser protocols increase the

texture, tone, and overall skin elasticity more effectively. The eMatrix, combined with the laser treatment protocol, makes it a treatment of choice for people with a moderate degree of aging

This protocol is ideal for treating a wide variety of skin problems, such as mild to moderate wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and other signs like open pores, skin pigmentation, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Aside from the useful and effective use of eMatrix combined with laser treatment, from an economic point of view, this combination is less expensive than other protocols that use more advanced technologies.


eMatrix combine Laser rejuvenation treatment


eMatrix Combined treatment with IPL Phototherapy, photorejuvenation, IPL in a beauty salon. Care for a woman's face.

on Neck

eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation on neck

eMatrix Combined with Botulinum Toxin

Although Botox is the most well-known botulinum toxin, there are others on the market, and we use most of them at Universal Laser Center. Botox and eMatrix can be used together in an integrated approach to address dynamic and static wrinkles comprehensively. Botox treats muscle-related wrinkles first, followed by eMatrix to improve overall skin quality and tightness.

Treating dynamic wrinkles with eMatrix

  • While eMatrix focuses on stimulating collagen production and remodeling the skin from within to improve texture and elasticity, Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. This dual approach can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.
  • Using any of the botulinum toxin to relax facial muscles can also prevent the formation of deeper lines and wrinkles that might require more intensive treatments in the future.

Applying these toxins offers immediate improvements by temporarily reducing muscle activity that leads to wrinkles. At the same time, eMatrix gradually enhances skin quality and firmness as new collagen is formed. Together, these treatments can create a more youthful and relaxed appearance, addressing the underlying causes of aging and its visible symptoms.

Depending on individual skin conditions and signs of aging, here at eMatrix in Miami, together with the aesthetic professionals at Universal Laser Center, we customize the combination and timing of eMatrix and Botox treatments. This personalization ensures that each client receives the most effective treatment for their needs.

Botulinum Toxin

eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation . Portrait of young Caucasian woman getting botox cosmetic injection in forehead. Beautiful woman gets


eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation

Botulinum Toxin

eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation . Cosmetician makes botox injection in dotted lines
eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation

eMatrix Combined
with Dermal Filler.

Combining eMatrix treatments with dermal fillers is another effective strategy to enhance aesthetic results and tackle various signs of aging. This combination is particularly useful because it addresses different layers and aspects of skin aging, providing a comprehensive rejuvenative effect.

  • eMatrix: This treatment focuses on stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin by delivering fractional bipolar radiofrequency energy. This helps improve the skin’s overall texture, tone, and elasticity.
  • Dermal Fillers are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume and fill deep lines and wrinkles. Fillers often contain hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture to the treatment area, enhancing plumpness and reducing the appearance of aging.
eMatrix Combined Dermal Filler

While eMatrix improves the skin’s surface and structural integrity from within, fillers add immediate volume where it has been lost due to aging. This dual approach effectively smooths out wrinkles and restores youthful contours to the face..

Fillers can be used to precisely contour specific areas such as cheeks, jawline, and lips, while eMatrix can be used to enhance overall skin quality across larger areas like the face and neck.

eMatrix’s stimulation of collagen production can help extend the effects of dermal fillers. As the skin gains more natural firmness and elasticity, the fillers can maintain their effect for a longer period.

Improved skin texture and health from eMatrix treatments can also make the skin look more naturally radiant and youthful, enhancing the visual benefits of dermal fillers.


eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation . Dermal Filler Injection - Filler for Forehead


eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation . Dermal Filler Injection for Cheeks


Dermal Fillers for Men. Marking Man’s Face Before Dermal Filler Treatment
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eMatrix in Miami Universal Laser Center

eMatrix Combined
Homecare recommendation

Combining in-office eMatrix treatments with at-home care is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment and ensuring long-term results.

The Relevance of Home Care Treatment

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Combining in-office eMatrix treatments with at-home care is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment and ensuring long-term results. Here’s why this combination is so important for clients:

Enhanced Healing and Results

  • Post-Treatment Care: Following an eMatrix treatment, the skin undergoes a process of healing and rejuvenation. Implementing a specific at-home skincare regimen can significantly aid this process. For example, using gentle, hydrating products can help soothe the skin, reduce redness, and minimize any discomfort.
  • Continuous Improvement: Skincare products such as those with retinol, peptides, or growth factors can complement the collagen production stimulated by eMatrix. These products work synergistically with the treatment to improve the skin’s texture and firmness continuously.

Protection of Treatment Investment

  • Sun Protection: UV exposure can undermine the benefits of eMatrix treatments by causing further damage to the skin. Regular use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from sun damage, preventing the recurrence of conditions like hyperpigmentation and textural irregularities.
  • Maintaining Results: Using recommended skincare products can help maintain the rejuvenation effects longer. For example, antioxidants like vitamin C can protect the skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants, preserving the skin’s youthful appearance.


Prolonging Effects Between Sessions

  • Regular Exfoliation: Using gentle exfoliants can help remove dead skin cells and improve the efficacy of topical treatments, allowing for better absorption and more effective results.
  • Hydration and Nourishment: Maintaining optimal hydration with moisturizers and hydrating serums is key to keeping the skin plump and minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Comprehensive Approach to Skin Health

  • Holistic Care: Combining professional treatments with an at-home regimen encourages clients to take a proactive approach to their skin health, understanding that both are necessary for the best outcomes.
  • Education: The process of integrating at-home care educates clients about their skin and the importance of skincare, fostering a routine that promotes lasting health and beauty.

Optimized Skin Health

  • Barrier Repair: eMatrix treatments can temporarily compromise the skin’s natural barrier due to the intentional micro-damages created during the procedure. At-home products focused on barrier repair can help restore skin integrity, speeding up recovery and enhancing overall skin health.
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eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation . Sun protection

The eMatrix treatment can increase the skin’s photosensitivity, so patients should avoid sun exposure to the treated area for at least 30 days before and after the treatment.

Skin Care

Ematrix in Miami , Rejuvenation Center of Miami

Skin care treatment performed by a facialist can effectively support the healing process, enhance eMatrix treatment results, and ensure client comfort and satisfaction.


eMatrix combined treatment for skin rejuvenation

Patients should use a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen to protect the treated skin for at least one month post-treatment, as UV exposure can cause hyperpigmentation.

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