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Benefits of the Microdermabrasion

Benefits of the Microdermabrasion are numerous, including improvements in skin texture and appearance and the treatment of various skin concerns.

The decision to have microdermabrasion depends on several factors, including the specific goals of the treatment, the condition of your skin, and the recommendations of your skincare professional. Here are some considerations:

Benefits of the Microdermabrasion:


      • Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation technique that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells. This can enhance the penetration of RF energy during subsequent treatments.

    Even Skin Texture:

        • Microdermabrasion can help improve skin texture by addressing issues such as uneven skin tone, roughness, and mild scarring. Combining it with RF treatments may enhance the overall result.

      Increased Absorption of Topical Products:

          • After microdermabrasion, the skin’s surface is primed to absorb skincare products more effectively. This can be advantageous if topical products are applied during or after RF treatment.

        Enhanced Collagen Stimulation:

            • Microdermabrasion may stimulate the skin to produce new collagen by removing the outer layer of skin cells. This can complement the collagen-stimulating effects of RF treatments.

          Considerations and Precautions:

              1. Skin Sensitivity:
                    • Microdermabrasion and RF treatments both involve a degree of skin exfoliation or stimulation. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, our skincare professional may recommend spacing these treatments to avoid overstimulation or irritation.

                1. Consultation with a Professional:
                      • It’s crucial to consult our qualified skincare professional before deciding on a treatment plan. They can assess your skin condition, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable combination of treatments.

                  1. Treatment Plan:
                        • Our skincare professional may develop a customized treatment plan that includes a series of microdermabrasion sessions followed by RF treatments. Alternatively, they may recommend alternating between the two procedures.

                    1. Skin Conditions:
                          • The specific skin conditions you want to address will influence the choice of treatments. While microdermabrasion is effective for exfoliation, RF treatments primarily target collagen stimulation and skin tightening.

                      1. Post-Treatment Care:
                            • Following each treatment, it’s important to adhere to post-treatment care guidelines provided by your skincare professional. This may include using recommended skin care products and avoiding sun exposure.

                      Ultimately, the decision to have microdermabrasion in relationship with eMatrix should be based on a thorough assessment by our skincare professional. They can guide you in creating a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific skincare goals while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

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